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Top 3 NAATI CCL tips

Many people who need to take NAATI CCL are truly time-poor people. Jobs, families, other commitments. They would love to spend hours preparing for the NAATI CCL exam, but they simply cannot do it.

How do you choose what to focus on in your NAATI CCL exam preparation? What techniques bring the best results?

We have selected 3 most effective techniques that can help you get in shape for your NAATI CCL exam day.

1. Record yourself interpreting…yes, out loud!

Since NAATI CCL became an online exam, there are a lot more sample dialogues available online. Some of them will be in your target language, while others can be purely in English. It might seem that the English ones are not relevant, but you would be surprised how many people lose points on interpreting into their own language.

We have looked at hundreds of exam reports and we were struck at how many comments about LOTE quality test-takers received.

What does it mean? It means that you do not sound good in your own language.

How come? Aren’t you meant to be fluent in your own language?

Errors in LOTE (= your native language) happen more often than most people think. A stressful situation and a huge cognitive load of ‘on-the-spot’ interpreting leads to awkward phrases, wrong stress, and other mistakes in your own language.

The best thing you can do to become aware of these problems is to record yourself and listen back as if it is not you. Imagine it is somebody else and listen carefully and objectively. The more problems you find with your language, the easier it will be for you to avoid issues during the exam.

2. Learn to take notes quickly

Taking notes is very important for your NAATI CCL exam. You have to convey all the important information, and it’s much easier to do if you can take notes quickly and efficiently.

There are different techniques that entrepreneurs use, including creating special symbols and writing diagonally. They are great, but they require considerable time investment.

If you are short of time, simply try omitting some or all vowels in your notes. Most people can guess what a word is based on consonants.  For example, what do you think this word is ‘phn’? Yes, a phone. What about this one ‘fn’? Yes, a ‘fine’, etc. Leaving out vowels is one of the most efficient way to speed up your note taking.

3. Ban yourself from excessive self-corrections

Many test-takers lose points on their NAATI CCL exam because they get nervous and start offering multiple self-corrections of their answers. While the intention is a good one – provide a better version- in most cases, this behavior will only undermine your chances of getting the result that you want. Remember that the examiners deduct points for excessive self-corrections and, unless you have given an absolutely wrong version, you might be better-off sticking with whatever translation you gave first.

4. Bonus tip: Sign up for personal NAATI CCL coaching

The most efficient way to prepare for the NAATI CCL exam is to get feedback on your performance from an experienced NAATI CCL coach. You are in the right place – NAATI CCL Institute is the top-performing NAATI CCL coaching program. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our affordable prices. Test us out! We are confident we’ll be able to help you pass your NAATI CCL exam!



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