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NAATI CCL Italian dialogue

Today we bring you a NAATI CCL Italian practice dialogue to help you with your NAATI CCL test preparation. 

NAATI CCL Italian practice dialogue: Health

Health is often the most challenging NAATI CCL topic for the test-takers due to a large number of terms.  Be it a runny nose, or a broken tibia – you need to know a large number of medical terms.

Not to mention all other requirements of the NAATI CCL test.

NAATI CCL dialogue topics:

Many NAATI CCL dialogues are about seeing a GP or other medical professionals.

What is a GP? A general practitioner. They are our community or family doctors. They treat minor illness, can prescribe medication, and refer you to specialists if needed.

How would you translate a ‘specialist’ by the way? Make sure you know this term for your NAATI CCL exam.

If your local GP is not available, e.g. it is a public holiday or evening, you can call a home-visiting GP. This service is available in most Australians even in rural areas.

In this dialogue a parent is calling a home-visiting doctors’ hotline to arrange a visit for their child.

How to practice this NAATI CCL Italian dialogue?

Step 1: Click ‘play’ on the video and pause after you hear the sound.

Step 2: Record your interpretation, e.g. using your phone audio-record function.

Step 3: If needed, replay segments that you did not understand.

Note that you should limit requests for repletion to 2 times during the exam. Otherwise you risk losing additional points. However, it’s OK to repeat segments as many times as you need to during your NAATI CCL practice sessions.

Step 4: You can check the transcript below the video. Please refrain from checking it straight away, as you need to practice your listening skills. Also, you will not get a chance to see a script at your NAATI CCL Italian exam.

Mrs Rossi calling a home visiting doctors hotline to arrange a visit of a GP after hours.


Home visiting doctors hotline. How may I help you?
Buongiorno. È la prima volta che chiamo. Mi ha dato il suo numero il mio vicino di casa e mi ha detto che lei può organizzare una visita a domicilio in caso di assenza del medico di base. Corretto?See key 1 under the table
That’s correct. Our general practitioners are available for home visits after hours and on public holidays.


Quanto costa?See key 2 under the table
We are a bulk billing service. It’s free if you have Medicare. Otherwise, it’s 180 dollars.


Sì, è un bene che siamo assicurati. Vuole che le dia il nostro numero di tessera?See key 3 under the table
Hold on to it. Let me ask a couple of screening questions first to make sure that we are able to assist you today.


Sì, certo.See key 4 under the table
First of all, is the patient unconscious or unable to breathe? If so, hang up immediately and call the ambulance.
No. Nostro figlio ha la febbre e il medico ha già chiuso per oggi. Siamo preoccupati e non vogliamo aspettare fino a domani.See key 5 under the table
Absolutely this is something we can help you with. Now, could you tell me your postcode number? I’ll check if we cover your area.


Viviamo a Hornsby. Codice postale 2077.See key 6 under the table
Yes, we do have a GP currently in your area, so I’m happy to take your booking now.


Allora siamo fortunati. Credo sia uno dei vantaggi del vivere in una grande città.See key 7 under the table
Well, actually, we do service 80% of Australia, including some rural areas, so we are able to help in most cases, but the wait times are longer in less populated areas.


Capito. Sa, avrei una domanda. Mi spiace se le sembrerà troppo diretta. Il dottore che verrà a visitarci è qualificato? Non è un medico in tirocinio o uno stagista? Dato che stiamo parlando di un bambino vorremmo qualcuno capace.See key 8 under the table
Absolutely. All our doctors are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, as required by the Medical Board of Australia and carry full medical indemnity insurance.
Bene. Per che ora dobbiamo aspettarlo?See key 9 under the table
The doctor should be there in the next couple of hours, but it may take up to 4 hours. We ll send you a text message when you are the next in the queue and another text message to notify you on their arrival, so that you could secure any pets and prepare for the doctor’s visit.


Grazie. E il medico potrebbe farmi un certificato per il mio datore di lavoro, in caso debba prendermi dei giorni di permesso? L’azienda in cui lavoro è molto fiscale per quanto riguarda i certificati medici.See key 10 under the table
Yes, of course. Our doctors can issue both a traditional and an online medical certificates for your workplace.


Grazie mille. Attenderemo il medico. Sono davvero contenta che esista un servizio come questo.See key 11 under the table


Now you can check your translations in to English:


Key 1Hello. It’s my first time calling you. My neighbour gave me your number and told that you can arrange a medical check-up at home if a local GP is closed. Is it right?
Key 2How much does it cost?
Key 3Yes, good that we have Medicare. Do you want me to give you our number now?
Key 4Yes, of course.
Key 5No. Our child has a fever and the local GP is already closed. We are worried and do not want to wait til tomorrow.
Key 6We live in Hornsby. Postal code 2077.
Key 7Then we are lucky. I guess it’s one of the advantages of living in a big city.
Key 8Got it. You know, I have a question. I am sorry if it might sounds a bit too direct. Is the doctor who’ll come to see us fully qualified? Not a trainee, or an intern? The thing is that we are talking about a child, so we want a piece of mind.
Key 9Good. When should we expect the doctor?


Key 10Thank you. And will the doctor be able to issue a medical certificate for my employer in case I need to take a carer’s leave? My work is pretty strict about medical certificates.
Key 11Thank you very much. We will be waiting for the doctor. So happy that there is such a service.


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