naati ccl coaching

NAATI CCL Coaching

One-to-one coaching is the most effective way to prepare for the NAATI CCL exam.

You can, of course, spend weeks and months researching the NAATI CCL exam, its assessment criteria, topics, and vocabulary. OR you can hire a NAATI CCL expert whose skills will fast-track your progress and will help you pass the exam sooner.

One-to-one NAATI CCL coaching

Most of our clients choose to have one-to-one NAATI CCL coaching because it has been proven to be the most effective way to pass the NAATI CCL exam.

NAATI CCL requirements

There are many components that make the NAATI CCL exam challenging. Not only should you catch and remember all the important information under stressful conditions, quickly find the appropriate translation in another language, select the most suitable register (style) for your translation, formulate your translation without grammatical or vocabulary errors, correctly use idiomatic language, but you should also deliver your translation in a well-paced, confident manner. It is a lot!

Real-time translation under pressure is challenging even for professional interpreters, who spend years to learn the mental aerobics required for successful interpreting. And it can be completely overwhelming for those not trained to be professional interpreters, like most NAATI CCL test-takers.

However, with the right coaching you, too, can develop the skills to successfully pass the NAATI CCL exam from the first attempt.

Below are some key reasons to choose one-to-one NAATI CCL coaching at the NAATI CCL Institute.

Your NAATI CCL preparation will be designed for you

Do you know what YOU should do to improve your NAATI CCL performance?

Our NAATI CCL coach will help you diagnose your weaknesses and will suggest the most appropriate tools to help you develop your skills. Personal feedback is critical in many domains of life, including NAATI CCL, as different people have different issues, and are often unsure how to address them. Allow us to put our critical hats on and analyse your NAATI CCL performance. It will be an invaluable step towards designing a personalized program for you.

Because ‘one-size does not fit all’

We are in the process of preparing a recorded video course on the NAATI CCL topics. However, as useful as it will be to build NAATI CCL vocabulary, it will be no substitute for the practical one-to-one coaching.

People have different ‘pain points’ when it comes to the NAATI CCL exam. Some test-takers struggle with pronunciation and can really benefit from intensive pronunciation work that our coaches can provide.

Others struggle with code-switching and need a lot of practice with feedback. The feedback is what helps them fine-tune their interpreting skills and get closer to the goal of passing the NAATI CCL exam.

There are also those who need exam training as they cannot cope with the exam pressure.

Whatever your weak areas are, your personal coach will help you address whatever holds you back in a professional and effective way.

Because your time is valuable

Our coaches are based in different time zones and can meet you at the day/time that is convenient for you. Only have 30 minutes before work or during your lunch break? Not a problem. You can plan lessons whenever suits you and your lifestyle. Or are you a night owl and think best at night? Not an issue. We will have a coach based in a different time zone for you. It is the beauty of online learning!

Because we will keep you motivated and accountable

Having a personal coach means that you will be accountable to a friendly, yet professional person who cares about your NAATI CCL success. Having a coach means that you will be working harder, which will bring you even closer to your final goal!

Because you will get the maximum exam practice

Every time you meet your NAATI CCL coach, you will be doing at least 3-4 mock exams. Some students manage to cover 6-8 exam tasks in one session and get feedback on their performance. Feedback is essential, as it helps test-takers identify which of the NAATI CCL assessment areas they need to work on. This extensive NAATI CCL practice means that you will be well and truly prepared for the exam.

Because it works!

One-to-one coaching is quickly gaining recognition in a variety of fields. It is not surprising as a personal approach is highly effective. For example, did you know that an increasing number of high-end executives in different industries turn to one-to-one coaching to reach their full potential (according to Harvard Business Review)?

They do so as one-to-one expert help is often the most effective way to improve one’s performance. Passing NAATI CCL is no different.

Our NAATI CCL coach will help you fast-track your progress towards successfully passing the NAATI CCL exam from the first attempt.

Talk to us today about NAATI CCL preparation. We’ve had exceptional success with helping test-takers successfully pass the NAATI CCL exam from the first attempt and will be happy to assist you too!

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