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Our programs:

We currently prepare for:

  • NAATI CCL Russian
  • NAATI CCL Italian
  • NAATI CCL Mandarin
  • NAATI CCL Vietnamese
  • NAATI CCL Sinhalese 

We designed our training program on REAL exam tasks and their extensions.

Not only will our practice tests teach you the most relevant vocabulary, but they'll also prepare you for your life in Australia!

Our expert program will prepare you for any kind of NAATI CCL tasks!


100+ practice dialogues
based on REAL exam tasks


Up-to-date NAATI CCL
vocabulary lists

Ресурс 1



Created by a team of
linguists with Australian PhDs!


Flexile schedule
that works for you

How everything works:

4 steps

Ресурс 1

You let us know your availability.

Ресурс 3

We assign you a coach and offer you a personalized schedule.

Ресурс 4

You confirm the schedule (or request changes) and pay for your course.

Ресурс 5

You start your one-to-one training with our NAATI CCL expert!

Flexible schedule

Short-term and long-term NAATI CCL preparation

We have successfully prepared all types of test-takers for the NAATI CCL exam.

Some came to us only a week before the exam, and we did an intensive course with them. Others chose a more relaxed ‘bite-sized’ approach and prepared over several months.

Whatever your schedule is, we can customize a training program for you.


45 minutes
A private (one-to-one) coaching session
No homework
10 *45 min sessions
10 private (one-to-one) coaching sessions
+ Homework
- 20%
480384 $
20*45 min sessions
20 private (one-to-one) coaching sessions
+ Homework

What our students say:

Sally Nguyen

CCL Vietnamese
exam date: 19.05.2020
Result: 72 out of 90
I was studying over 5 months as I was combining NAATI CCL and IELTS preparation. My coach made sure that she included tasks from both exams and it really helped me to learn new words and phrases. I am also a bit lazy by nature, so I asked to include more review tasks with me, and she started sending me audio review tasks, which was very useful. I liked it that I had both zoom sessions and I could send her questions by email/whatsapp. Overall, very happy with the preparation and the attitude


CCL Italian
exam date: 10.06.2020
Result: 75 out of 90
I can’t thank the NAATI CCL team enough. Not only did they help me prepare for the exam and get extra 5 points, but I also learnt so many useful things about life in Australia, such as getting health insurance before 31 to avoid paying additional taxes, how to open a bank account without additional fees and even about home-visiting doctors for evenings and weekends who can come for free.
I feel like I had a crush course on different tips and tricks of Australian life

Joe Yu

CCL Mandarin
Exam date: 08.09.2020
Result: 73 out of 90
I really liked it that many practice resources were a bit harder than the actual exam.

My coach informed me that it was done on purpose to make us feel confident during the exam, and it really helped me.

Yes, I was initially very nervous when the exam started, I soon realized that I had done harder tasks, and it helped.

I highly recommend NAATI CCL preparation


CCL Russian
exam date: 11.05.2020
Result: 70 out of 90
A friend of mine recommended NAATI CCL Institute, and it was a real life-saver for me.I only had 10 days before the exam, and we managed to cover all of the topics.
I even got a very similar dialogue on my actual test, which was fantastic Thank you, NAATI CCL team for a great job


CCL Russian
exam date: 14.07.2020
Result: 63 out of 90
I found NAATI CCL institute only 4 days before the exam.I did a crash course and I passed! I got 63 (a passing score).My exam dialogue on Insurance was very similar to the one I practiced with my NAATI CCL coach.. Thank you, NAATI CCL Institute for your help. I’m sure I would have failed without you!


Of course! If you don’t love the classes or don't find them useful, we’ll refund you. No questions asked!

Of course! We know that life happens, and are happy to adjust to your schedule. Just let us know 24 hours in advance and we’ll arrange everything.

We use Zoom, but happy to accommodate video platforms if Zoom doesn’t work for you.

Yes, you can. You can find a partner and share the cost with them.

Our students are based all over the world, and we found that USD is a more convenient currency for the majority of our clients.

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